Which digital piano should you buy?

The Kawai VPC 1 digital piano of the Kawai series is a great substitute of the acoustic piano for home users of beginners. Not only it is the best in its sound quality and resemblance to the actual piano, but also it has a horde of extra benefits and is overloaded with added features. With the various reverbs, the choice from a range of around ten instrument voices and recording and sync features make this digital piano a desire of many. And the low budget adds to it, the Kawai VPC 1 is priced very low and costs almost similar to what an actual acoustic piano costs. Moreover, there is no such expense in tuning and maintenance of this instrument, and the security and dependability of the Kawai series are beyond comparison. Thus, this low priced classy looking digital piano which is a powerhouse of a lot of extra features is surely a noteworthy instrument and has a good priority in the international market, especially amidst the beginners and learners.

To top it all, the Kawai VPC 1 digital piano sports a very unique dual voice mode. With the help of this mode, users can combine, that is users can set any two voice modes from the wide range of voice selection which is available. Not only that, the individual settings for these voice modes can also be manipulated and controlled according to the users will. The volume and the octave for both the voices can be set externally and a metronome can be used by musicians to keep a sequence on the beat. Other than this, a piano touch mode is also present which helps in adjusting the sensitivity of the keys, a mode called transpose mode, which helps tune the piano to another instrument or digital player for collaboration. On top of it, two headphone jacks are present along with MIDI input and output connection ports for sync between the digital piano and home computer.

Assembling the Package

The package has a dismantled piano which can be easily assembled with the help of an instruction manual which is provided along with the package. The only part that the user has to assemble is the casing and the cabinet because the keyboard and the other electronics are fixed in from the very beginning. The screws and screw holes are neat, and no gluing is required as well. To attach the base to the keyboard and other fixings, a complimentary screw driver is also provided.

What will be present on the box?

Other than the dismantled Kawai VPC1 digital piano, the package also includes a music rack, a triple pedal unit, and a graded hammer action.

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